Good stuff. Thanks for the civics lesson. This city is so fucked. Hi Guillermo!

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Maybe N. Brookfield pols are worried: Queerness is open and outdoorsy. So, it attracks new customers with this advertisement: "An exaggerated view of human sexuality!"

Is it still called "The McGovern Crime Family," answering to a Corporate Corner Office Capo di Tutti Capi, who funnel tunza bucks?

Anent: Petty & Batista? Heard them on the Frank Shultz radio show -- I have 830 AM on all night -- before switching to WBZ-AM. The M and CM, copycats of Mumbles Menino, maundering the new "Wishahsprak?"

How about a look-see?

Petty has been been Executive Secretary to the Employee's Retirement System of the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, $150,000 per annum. Remember when Mike Gaffney described it in writing as "no-show?" To wit:

Executive SecretaryExecutive Secretary

MHFA Employees' Retirement SystemMHFA Employees' Retirement System

Feb 2008 - Present · 15 yrs 3 mos Feb 2008 - Present · 15 yrs 3 mos

The Hanover Insurance Group

Relationship Manager

Allmerica Financial

1998 - 2007 · 9 yrs

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