Jan 17, 2022 • 52M

W.G.B.H. Episode 2: Positive Interactions With Police Officers

Worcester was beautiful and nothing hurt

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Bill Shaner
A Worcester Sucks production, Worcester's Good But Hurts (WGBH) is a weekly recap of the significant happenings in Worcester, Massachusetts, a city widely regarded as mediocre, frumpish, cartoonish, down-on-its-luck, gritty, terrible, smelly, trashy, worthless, insignificant, destitute, inconsolable, irreparable etc. The podcast is hosted by Worcester Sucks and I Love It author Bill Shaner and Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69 and an apprentice at the Worcester-based Ideal Americana Tattoo Company.
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Down on the ground! In this episode we tackle the latest incredibly dumb column from the Telegram's Ray Mariano, the affordable housing crisis through the eyes of a full-time house flipper, and what it might be like to wear the crown.

Oh and smash the link to donate to Mark Whelan's fundraiser for his fight against Leukemia.

This is the second episode, but the first episode available for free. The first was paywalled. We're gunna flip back and forth between one free, one for paying subscribers from here on out.  You can subscribe below or the Worcester's Good But Hurts Patreon for access to the paid-only episodes.

The episode should now be available on most podcast apps. Like Spotify and Google Podcasts and not Apple yet for some reason but I’m working on it. If you use a different app lemme know in the comments and I’ll try and get it listed. It’s theoretically easy to do.

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