Jan 22, 2022 • 42M

W.G.B.H. Episode 3: Worcester Wares Vs Worcester Hates You

The beef no one needed

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Bill Shaner
A Worcester Sucks production, Worcester's Good But Hurts (WGBH) is a weekly recap of the significant happenings in Worcester, Massachusetts, a city widely regarded as mediocre, frumpish, cartoonish, down-on-its-luck, gritty, terrible, smelly, trashy, worthless, insignificant, destitute, inconsolable, irreparable etc. The podcast is hosted by Worcester Sucks and I Love It author Bill Shaner and Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69 and an apprentice at the Worcester-based Ideal Americana Tattoo Company.
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When two online brands duke it out and all there is to do but sit back and watch and also profit off it. Buy the “I learned to kill in Kelley Square” shirt right here :-)

If you missed it, I wrote about another Worcester meltdown earlier this week.

Worcester Sucks and I Love It
The Night They Drove Old Candy Down
For a few weeks now I’ve been meaning to dig into the new assignments for City Council subcommittees. Who sits on what committee—and how they get there—is significant. It offers a window into the political dynamics of the council and how stuff actually gets done around here (or doesn’t). “The real work happens in committee” is an adage you’ll hear counc…
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District 2 Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson provided the perfect entry point this week when she threw a hilario…

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