Jan 27, 2022 • 55M

W.G.B.H. Episode 4: Anti-Vaxx Story Hour

Seems pretty communistic to me buddy

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Bill Shaner
A Worcester Sucks production, Worcester's Good But Hurts (WGBH) is a weekly recap of the significant happenings in Worcester, Massachusetts, a city widely regarded as mediocre, frumpish, cartoonish, down-on-its-luck, gritty, terrible, smelly, trashy, worthless, insignificant, destitute, inconsolable, irreparable etc. The podcast is hosted by Worcester Sucks and I Love It author Bill Shaner and Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69 and an apprentice at the Worcester-based Ideal Americana Tattoo Company.
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You can't sit there and mainline an hour of public comment from your average Joe Central Mass COVID denier and not want to hop on the first train headed for the sun. But that's just what me and everyone else who watched the City Council meeting this week had to do. In this episode I offload my misery onto Dan by making him listen to some choice clips, then I called up Doug Arbetter, the guy who got us into this mess, to give him one last chance to explain himself before he's sent to the newly installed communist gulag in the basement of Pfizer's corporate headquarters. 

Music by Worcester legends Facepaint. The song is called "Venom" and it kicks ass. You can find it on their bandcamp.

The original theme song we concocted for this program is obnoxiously bad and while that may have been the joke it's not funny anymore so we've decided to leave the music to the musicians. Each episode we'll spotlight a band from the area that we like and we think more people should like or at least know about.

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You may have noticed no written story yet this week and that’s because I’m working hard on something really special and I can’t talk about it publicly yet but keep your eyes peeled!!

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