Feb 6, 2022 • 57M

W.G.B.H. Episode 5: Cocaine & Jenga

The cops were bad lil boys it seems

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Bill Shaner
A Worcester Sucks production, Worcester's Good But Hurts (WGBH) is a weekly recap of the significant happenings in Worcester, Massachusetts, a city widely regarded as mediocre, frumpish, cartoonish, down-on-its-luck, gritty, terrible, smelly, trashy, worthless, insignificant, destitute, inconsolable, irreparable etc. The podcast is hosted by Worcester Sucks and I Love It author Bill Shaner and Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69 and an apprentice at the Worcester-based Ideal Americana Tattoo Company.
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In the episode we take a look at the latest Worcester Police Department scandal: officers overdosing on fentanyl-laced cocaine after a game of Jenga and the spectrum of resulting professional consequences. The Telegram recently won a lawsuit against the city of Worcester for its withholding of police misconduct documents, so we talk about that too. Perhaps the city fought so hard to withhold the documents because this is just the tip of the cocaine and Jenga iceberg? A pervasive problem among local law enforcement, or, darker still, an arcane ritual stretching back generations—a game for which the prize is unknown save for the players and the players are bound to secrecy by blood oath? Time will tell. Oh and we also share our experiences with the Catholic Church. Here’s a little teaser…

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