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Worcester's Good But Hurts Podcast
Introducing 'Worcester's Good But Hurts'

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Introducing 'Worcester's Good But Hurts'

Episode 1: Rock Over Worcester
Art by Matt Johnson, lettering by Travis Duda

Hello hello HELLO I come to you hat in hand with an exciting new feature in the Worcester Sucks Luxury News Consumer Experience and that is a weekly podcast I’ll be producing with my good friend Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69, a podcast about touring in bands and doing dumb stuff on the road.

This podcast however is called Worcester’s Good But Hurts (W.G.B.H) and it’ll be a weekly news roundup of sorts—think Worcesteria, the Worcester Magazine column I used to have the great pleasure of writing, but in an audio form. A little bit of news, a little bit of gossip, and a little horsing around!!

The first episode is for paying subscribers of this newsletter ONLY so if you’re not ponying up $5 bucks a month or $69 bucks a year (nice) well then tough luck buddy. Here’s a little deal to sweeten the proverbial pot.

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If you’re not keen on subscribing to the newsletter but you’d like the podcast, you can head over to the Patreon page I made, where the podcast is $3 a month or $1,000,000 a month if you’re Ed Augustus.

And here’s a little teaser to let you know what you’re missin’

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Worcester Sucks and I Love It
Worcester's Good But Hurts Podcast
A Worcester Sucks production, Worcester's Good But Hurts (WGBH) is a weekly recap of the significant happenings in Worcester, Massachusetts, a city widely regarded as mediocre, frumpish, cartoonish, down-on-its-luck, gritty, terrible, smelly, trashy, worthless, insignificant, destitute, inconsolable, irreparable etc. The podcast is hosted by Worcester Sucks and I Love It author Bill Shaner and Dan Anderson, fellow co-host of Highway 69 and an apprentice at the Worcester-based Ideal Americana Tattoo Company.